Meet the 2018 darc awards / architectural judge’s panel! They will be shortlisting 4 categories this year:

PLACES: Best Interior Lighting Scheme – Low Budget
PLACES: Best Interior Lighting Scheme – High Budget
STRUCTURES: Best Exterior Lighting Scheme – High Budget
ART: Best Light Art Scheme – Low Budget

(All other entries will go straight through to the voting stage)

Once the entries have been shortlisted by our esteemed panel of international lighting designers and artists, it’s over to you!

darc awards / architectural is a peer-to-peer system for a lighting design awards, every independent architectural lighting designer and light artist will be encouraged to vote online for their favourite lighting schemes (and no, you can’t vote for your own!).

The product categories for architectural lighting will also be voted on by independent lighting designers and light artists. This means that the winners will be a reflection of the designer’s experience of the products – whether they’ve been shown it, seen a demonstration or even used it in a project or test. This will be an entirely democratic vote and will not be influenced in any way by keen editors or advertising staff!

Voting period: 23 October – 9 November
Winners announced: 6 December, darc night awards party

Anna Sbokou

Founder, ASlight

richard caple
Christian Lo

Co-Founder, Anony

claudia paz
Christopher Knowlton

Director, 18 Degrees

sabine de schutter
Gavriil Papadiotis

Lighting Designer / Photographer

Nargiza Usmanova
Jenni Gillard

CEO, Gillard Group

felix hallwachs
Liz West


vasiliki malakasi
Mrinalini Ghadiok

Editor, Mondo*arc India / Curator, STIR

philip rose
Tejas Doshi

Co-Founder & Chief Design Officer, Light & Beyond

jean sundin
Prof. Dr. Thomas Römhild

Course Director for MA in Architectural Lighting at Hochschule Wismar