After the completion of the Main Hall in 2017 and the project for the entire building of the Opera House we were committed for the lighting design of the newest hall Zubin Mehta, which has an innovative and technological acoustic system.

The concept of the architectural and interior design project called for the complete integration of lighting system within the hall, which was intended to look as a starry night sky.

Following this idea the light fixtures were studied to be positioned in a visually random pattern while carrying on calculations in order to obtain a good uniformity of the light distribution.

To achieve a perfect result in terms of uniformity and design, the emission angle of each luminaire was chosen according to its location and different ceiling heights.

The luminaires are equipped with a 3000K Ra=90 LED source and recessed optics to minimize glare. Because of the ceiling inclination, each luminaire has an adjustable tilt to achieve an optimal perpendicular angle to the seating and stage.

Because of the highly innovative and technological features of the hall, we were asked to meet the requirements of the acoustical engineer to provide the high level of sound quality expected for the space.

To achieve this, we collaborated with the manufacturer to customize the fixtures, which had to be fitted with a gasket to avoid any vibration generated by sound frequencies and be sealed with acrylic glass to avoid disturbing sounds within the false ceiling.

The final installation resulted in minimum glare and sound proofing recessed light fixtures providing an even lighting level which is differentiated for the two main area of the hall: 35 foot-candles on the seats and 100 foot-candles on the stage.

For the buvette area right before the entrance of the hall we decided to maintain the original and vintage touch by installing the glass chandeliers that were originally part of the old building of the Maggio Fiorentino.

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