ZTA is an idea that embodies the core values that Stoane Lighting have held on to since 1995, when Mike started making lights on a lathe in his lock-up in Edinburgh. Equipment should be designed to last, designed to be repaired, designed to be upgraded and designed to be recycled.

The range is structured around a modular approach such that, as well as straightforward repairs (even if for example the original LED modules have been superseded), specs can be changed. Optics can be changed from wide floods to narrow spots, light output can be changed in terms of flux, colour temperature, special SPDs or to tuneable white/RGB. Operation can be changed from straightforward on / off to wired or wireless control. Mounting methodology can be changed from surface mount, to pendant to track. The number of permutations are wide.

This repairability / upgradeability Stoane Lighting commit to carrying out for 25 years (5-year full warranty then 20 year duty of care). We can do this with full confidence due to our largely local resource ecosystem and designed-in repairability (e.g. thinking ahead to the needs of differently sized components with different heat sinking requirements and different fixing centres). The simple aesthetic should preclude waves of fashion undermining our circular economy ethos.

The standard range consists of 50 and 70mm “(90mm is in the kitchen)” diameter track spots (LV or Mains), pendants, surface mount and bay. A 3.5° spot is available in all types. A zoom version with a range of 13.7°- 48.1° and an efficiency (LOR) of 89% at the tightest beam. Compared to the TTX range which it replaces ZTA offers a wider range of options, is at least 35% lighter (corresponding less environmental impact) and, linked to the last point, is more affordable.

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