Stoane Lighting’s latest product range to elevate their Circular Economy values is expanding.

ZTA has been complimented for its clean lines, technical capacity, flexibility and rebuildability. Launched originally in Ø50mm, Ø70mm followed soon after and now this is the Zoom iteration. This model barely extends the length of the lamp tube and offers a generous beam range depending on which module you choose:

9.8mm LES XOB: 16.6° to 41.2°
14.5mm LES XOB: 22.9º to 39.3º

The Zoom can be added to any ZTA.70 configuration. If it was mounted to a mains track, LV track, to a pole clamp or something else that you imagine or you wanted to swap your pole clamp to a surface mount base later on as the project changes – then by all means, this is possible. Flexibility is at its core. There is a sustainability angle too as we can remove the need for stockpiling optics to swap in and out as a space or exhibition changes.

Building on the key principles of this award winning range, we continue to try to develop products that designers feel good about specifying. To support this, we carry out Embodied Carbon and Circular Economy Assessment calculations using CIBSE’s TM65 and TM66 tools. The results are starting to become available on our website along with detailed maintenance and end of life disassembly information. We underpin our 5 year warranty with a further 20 year duty of care.

It’s always been the case that we manufacture as much as possible in-house or locally from responsibly sourced materials, and always to order. This feels as important now as ever. But what about along the way? Inevitably during the manufacturing process, there is waste, right?

We don’t want to waste our waste, so if there’s an opportunity to put our waste to use, rather than simply recycle it, then we take that seriously. Increasingly; instead of recycling, we’re upcycling. We’re casting aluminium offcuts and debris from our workshop and collecting plastic overspray from the powder coat spray guns to develop products much higher up the value chain. If that sounds obvious – we agree. If that sounds easy – we don’t agree. But watch this space, we are winning!

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