“Waste isn’t waste until you waste it”.

Born from an opportunity to put our waste to use, Plastic Light Pendant is partially manufactured from the mixed fine powder overspray collected from our finishing plant.

Our dry powder-coating paint, whilst VOC free does generate a small amount of overspray waste. Over time this accumulates into relevant amounts to warrant investigation. After numerous failed approaches, by working with partners on the west coast of Scotland, we perfected a technique of capturing the powder waste, and if desired granulated acrylic waste too, in a PMMA monomer binder. We have yielded a novel material and a new, decorative product to join our circular ZTA range: ZTA.50.PLP.

This pendant, with a ZTA.50 core, blends excellent light quality, circularity and flexibility whilst repurposing waste acrylic and looking fantastic. Its central components are interchangeable with those of a ZTA.50 spotlight. Opening up the opportunity for simple reconfiguration if for example, a venue’s use case should change.

• PW (Powder Waste): 12% captured fine powder waste, 88% clear acrylic
• AW (Acrylic Waste): 40% granulated clear acrylic waste, 60% clear acrylic
• P+AW (Powder and Acrylic Waste): 12% captured fine powder waste, 45% granulated clear acrylic waste, 43% clear acrylic

Having perfected the process on the PLP shade it is now a technique that is gradually infiltrating the rest of our range where virgin PMMA was previously used. Not only is the solution cost neutral for the customer, it provides effects than many prefer.

Our partners have been experimenting with colour too. 2023 onwards should see the scaling up of these capabilities as uptake increases.

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