ZipTwo from Vode offers superior professional optics in the thinnest profile.

Only 8mm x 35mm profile, with installation options of magnetic strip, standard ceiling clips, plaster-in bracket or integration into acoustic ceiling systems, the ZipTwo system is the best performing linear light in the smallest format.

Options of 120°, 60°, 40°, diffuse and 85° (asymmetric) lens for general illumination, grazing or wall wash. Excellent glare control with optical film and MicroBaffle™.

Superior light quality and performance is delivered with an output of up to 1575 lm/ft (5168 lm/m) (HO), 161 lm/W (HO). 80 or 90 CRI & tunable white (2200K-6500K) available.

Over time the family has expanded to allow diffused light, side emitting or angled, with 8 different variants and 39 different lighting options.

Check out the short video to learn more.

Vode’s products are designed with sustainability in mind. They are made to last as long as possible, consume as little energy as possible, and be 100% recyclable at the end of life. Vode’s fixtures are LBC Red List Approved and are free from harmful materials.

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