This 14,000 sq ft. high end social club exudes modern elegance. The goal of the lighting design was two fold: highlight the landmarked architectural shell with graceful and hidden lighting details, and accentuate the art program and luxurious private rooms with a warm and inviting hospitality feel, all on a very tight budget. Using flexible track lighting, selective and well-hidden millwork details, and a large scale innovative decorative lighting solution, this industrial-style loft space comes to life. The lighting team worked to create the perfect balance of simplicity and luxury in this creative design approach.

At the street level entry guests are met with layers of reflective materials that stretch the proportions of the space, while a sparkling traditional crystal chandelier in a modern enclosure creates a strong focal point. Once upstairs, the original arched windows are perfectly illuminated by linear white LED strips hidden within the window frame. A matching valance was coordinated with the architect and integrated to the frame to completely obscure the fixtures. The crisp white windows stand in proud contrast to the warm accents illuminating the art pieces and seating areas. Recessed LED uplights with an amber filter and a tight beamspread perfectly illuminate the arched brick openings between rooms, framing each view with light. In the library, seamlessly integrated linear shelf lighting highlights the colourful books while being completely invisible. Throughout each of the spaces, there is a rotating art program, so accent lighting needed to be specific, yet flexible enough to allow for changing exhibits.

The centre bar area glows softly with an evenly backlit bar fascia, providing a special destination for guests. Dramatic layers of accent lighting at the sushi bar establishes a beautiful composition. At the highly reflective bartop, the linear lighting fixture is detailed so that the glowing wood texture is reflected in the lower bar top, but a guest cannot get a glimpse of the fixture itself. Even the restroom experience is elevated, where creative detailing of linear LED strips at the mirror create a warm halo glow on (notoriously difficult to light) curved gold leaf walls.

In the main seating area, a large decorative assembly is comprised of dozens of individual bar-shaped pendants, each carefully mapped out in plan and connected by two fitters to track runs hidden between the ceiling joists. The design team presented multiple designs to the architect, and when the preferred scheme was selected, they arranged and hung each piece at just the right height to create the cohesive shape. The finished piece was a cost-efficient yet bold feature. After dark, this large custom designed decorative lighting fixture fills the upper volume in the main seating area with sparkle, creating a dramatic composition. To enhance the dimmer and more intimate evening feel, the neutral furniture palette is illuminated by a second circuit of accent lighting with more saturated colour filters. This creates a more intense look, perfectly complementing the crisp white architectural detailing of this landmarked space.

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