ZEN is a revolutionary joinery lighting system from LUMINO. It’s unique range of installation channels and mounting options makes it perfect for recessed, surface mount and integrated applications within a range of materials.

At just 10x10mm ZEN delivers stunning results, delivering beautiful and elegant illumination to the smallest of spaces. Available in bespoke lengths, ZEN is a compact lighting solution like no other; and perfect for joinery, under-step, cabinets, display cases and handrails.

ZEN mounting channels offer integrated cable management, allowing ease of installation and hidden connections, something which can all too often be overlooked in tight spaces. ZEN packs an exceptional punch; with up to 600lm/m whilst delivering our highest ever quality of light. ZEN comes equipped with ColorCORE® 2-STEP SDCM chips with CRI 95Ra TM30 92Rf as standard.

The appeal of ZEN has already been demonstrated through its use in high-profile projects, most notably the Nike House of Innovation project. In collaboration with Into Lighting and L’Observatoire International, ZEN luminaires achieved a stunning effect by lighting the store’s staircases. With limited space for cable routing and a very small recess depth, ZEN was the perfect luminaire for this application.

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