1. This product is designed for round table lighting, shaping a balance between task lighting and ambient lighting in the space. The main body is made of hand blown glass with a splashed texture, and the surface presents a gradual fading effect from bottom to top, making it more flexible. The inner ambient lighting decoration part is formed using 3D printing technology, and the light is projected upwards along the column and gradually fades out, presenting a candlelight like effect. The downward task lighting adopts a grid design, which ensures that the light not only meets the requirements of desktop function lighting but also has a good anti glare effect. Users will not have any stray light entering their eyes under normal sitting posture, achieving a comfortable lighting experience.

2. The overall rounded lines make the product appear more relaxed and friendly. It is suitable for round tables with a diameter of 1.5m or less or multiple lamps for long table lighting.

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