Yichang is characterized by its beautiful landscape, and the lighting design is based on the 13km of riverfront shoreline, the green mountains on the south bank and the urban interface on the north bank. It integrates the elements of mountains, rivers, bridges, shores and cities as a whole, enriches the layers of landscape lighting along the Yangtze River, fully demonstrates the characteristics of the city of “half natural landscape half city view”, and establishes the brand of “Yangtze River Night Tour”, unique of Yichang and nationwide.

Use technique and art, technology and culture, integration of carriers of lighting equipment, lights, sound, images and other ways to promote the organic combination of lighting and mountains, waters, water curtains, shorelines, bridges, buildings, etc., holistically increase the level and dimension of lighting performance. The boat travels on the river, the mountain and building lights interact, interpreting themes such as history exhibition, miracle landscape and Three Gorges power generation, showing Yichang’s exclusive memory, opening up a new scene of immersive cultural tourism consumption, and promoting the iterative upgrading of “Yangtze River Night Tour” tourism experience.

Through professional technology, the luminance level is precisely controlled, with the landmark building at about 25 nits, the ambient building at about 5 nits, and the background building at less than 1 nit, with each level controlled at a luminance contrast of 1:5, making the visual interface both integral and richly layered. This project is the first to place the projection equipment on the top of the ship and project on the embankment. The project site has undergone a number of debugging, such as the speed of the boat, offshore vision, synchronization with other lighting elements of the environment, etc., to achieve the theme of “people swimming in the picture”. The projection technology can present a clear picture in real-time focus, combined with the sound in the cabin, and with the lighting of the mountains and the city on both shores, which forms a dazzling, three-dimensional stage. This project helps Yichang to become a world tourism destination.

The lighting designers involved in this project are Meiqing Chen, Na Li, Qiumei Zhu, Linyao Zhang, Yusheng Liu, You Wu.

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