A carefully designed play of shadows is the key feature of this collection.

Yayo is a decorative luminaire concept that radiates a splendid luminosity and creates inspiring and contemplative atmospheres.

The images above show a prototype for the table version. It is made by a slim and robust lacquered stainless steel structure that holds a linear LED light source. This is embraced by a wide matte curved aluminium shade that reflects light back and at the same time projects a captivating organic pattern on the surface behind the object. The more you look, the more you will notice the variations in tonalities and patterns. Observe and discover the secret within this luminaire.

This is the result of a collaboration in between two international lighting designers, Lalio Penev and Nora Imaz, met in Stockholm while developing their Master’s degree at KTH. Thanks to an open minded experimental design process they´ve found out the potential led light sources offer. “Multiple shadows were seen as something negative and this is where we saw the beauty, the opportunity of creating something different, a reason to produce a new luminaire range on our already overloaded market” says Nora Imaz based on her industrial design background.

The Yayo can be developed into a range of products with the same light principle and multiple shadow effect. The designers are currently looking for a manufacturer that wants to include Yayo in their catalogue and together develop a whole luminaire family.

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