The purpose and function of Xperi is to create a highly efficient light fixture for residential roads, which combines function, comfort and ambiance in a new “open” design reduced to the essential.

Today, architects, municipalities and installers working on outdoor illumination are asked to meet a wide range of requirements and expectations – all while selecting lighting that provides a sense of security, is robust, and has the right aesthetic expression. At the same time, the designs are expected to deliver efficient and direct illumination that exploits the full potential of LED technology. Louis Poulsen is pleased to augment its extensive outdoor lighting collection with the LP Xperi – a Christian Flindt design conceived with every user and decision-maker in mind. The post top incorporates our well-known principles for pleasant atmospheric illumination, maximises the impact of LED technology with a new, ribbed reflector construction, and sets new standards for outdoor lighting design. As Christian Flindt hoped, the LP Xperi not only demonstrates that LED is the correct solution for outdoor lighting, but also provides atmosphere and security in darkness, and makes a positive contribution to the urban environment by day.

A refined design concept was developed for residential and local roads. At long distances, the top of the luminaire can be screened. As one moves closer, the underside of the ribs becomes visible, with the ribs serving as reflectors that are gentle on the eyes – yet directly illuminate the space beneath them with centrally positioned LEDs. Night & day The LP Xperi follows a simple outdoor illumination philosophy: that street luminaires must be beautiful when lit and heighten our experience of space when they are turned off. In other words, they must provide 24/7 enjoyment. In the daytime, the LP Xperi’s open, geometric design captures the sun’s rays and filters them through the luminaire – while also offering an ever-changing view of the sky through the ribs. As darkness falls, the LP Xperi ignites a luminous mix of modern design elements, materials and technology to directly illuminate the space beneath it, while remaining gentle on the eyes of passers-by. Ease of installation, use and reuse

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