The Urban Balcony is located in the middle of Xiangluwan Lovers Road in Xiangzhou District, Zhuhai.

As an open urban comprehensive park, it is a multi-level coastal viewing platform integrating mountains, lakes and sea.

Xiangluwan city balcony project construction has dedicated a number of “Instagram-Worthy Locations” to Zhuhai City including the first 175-meter pedestrian bridge on Lovers Road, a romantic water show theater, and a 300-meter-long sea-view balcony.

There are multiple plots each of which fulfills different functions: The main functions of S1 are tourism service facilities, parking garage and equipment room. The main functions of the S2 plot are parks, squares and supporting facilities. S3 :Includes ecological green lake, water show theater, sky plank road, pedestrian bridge, Yang Pao’an Memorial Square, Haibin Road underpass, Wanghai Pavilion, sewage pumping station, urban balcony, surrounding garden landscape, surrounding environment improvement and other facilities construction. S4 :Building Shijingshan Park with the concept of ecological restoration and activation, and is committed to providing citizens with a public open leisure place with vitality and novel experience.

In order to further enhance the core landscape along Xiangluwan Lovers Road and improve the urban design of the area, we’d like to use the lighting to design an atmosphere like wandering in fairyland and the feeleing of being in a colorful and romantic city through a reasonable way of using the lighting, color and various means of lighting to create an excellent and unique experience of landscape viewing in Zhuhai.

In the forms of Architecture, the architect extracted elements from the coast, clouds and ripples, proposed the poetic concept of “the sky hide in the sea, the world comes to the city”, constructed in a flowing facade and space, so the lighting shows its natural aesthetics.

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