The 2-inch modular downlights (housing, module/light engine and trim) provide the ultimate in performance, installation, serviceability and finishes.

The exception design includes tool-less, field-changeable trims, modules and optics, providing maximum flexibility in aiming a project or making any design changes as they can be easily swapped onsite.

The LED modules include a downlight or adjustable (360° rotation and 35° tilt) paired with a universal housing, offering a small footprint without sacrificing light output (750 to 1250 lumens) — comparable performance to 3″ and 4″ downlights in ceilings up to 10 feet.

Drivers are integrated into the light engine modules versus the housing, providing ideal space efficiency, performance reliability and serviceability. Housing’s unique trap door provides post-install access to the splice box below the ceiling plane. Together these allow for painless serviceability, unheard of in a 2-inch fixture — the first truly serviceable 2-inch downlight.

The field-interchangeable optics include 15-, 25-, 40-, and 60-degrees and Linear Spread distributions. Color temperatures include 2700K, 3000K, 3500K, 4000K, Warm Dim (3000K – 1800K) and Tunable White (4000K – 1800K and 6500K – 2700K) with a 93+ CRI and 2-step SDCM.

Die-cast aluminum trims are available in round and square apertures, and in downlight, wall wash, flangeless and decorative choices. Trims are wet painted for a rich, matte finish in White, Black, Bronze, Clear Diffuse and Warm Diffuse or custom color (RAL) and are completely interchangeable so any design changes can be easily swapped onsite.

A breakthrough for error-free installation, a patent-pending collar eliminates over-cutting and drywall repair, common with small-aperture fixtures. Collar makes flush installation in drywall/millwork easy to achieve. It also serves as overspray protection.

Housings and modules can ship separately so the housings can be installed before the lighting design is finalized, reducing on-site storage requirements while maintain tight project deadlines.

Featuring a sustainable design, the downlighting system is compliant with California’s Title-24 JA8, ENERGY STAR®, and Declare Listed for Living Building Challenge and LEED projects. The downlights are IC and wet location listed. The housings also meet Chicago Plenum requirements.

To compliment the downlights, the X Series also includes a family of cylinders offered in pendant, surface-mount and ADA compliant wall-mount configurations. Cylinder and downlight/adjustable product families utilize the same modules so light quality, color, and output remains consistent for a cohesive look across a campus—both indoors and outdoors.

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