We’ve got a mass problem

Mass production, mass consumption and massive CO2 emissions. It’s a problem our industry faces, where we’re confronted by choosing between what’s right for the bottom line and what’s right full stop – often leaving us somewhere in a greenwash-y middle ground. **

We wanted to create a different choice. To shine a light on half truths and empty intentions, and challenge the standard we’ve seen. After all, why should innovative design and creative thinking stop at concept? Mass produced products shipped 12,000 miles to the UK is far from a contemporary design solution, especially when we have the choice of local, independent craftsmanship on our doorstep.

Meet Woody – the UK’s most sustainable pendant

A claim we don’t make lightly. Woody is not only characterful in look but in its stature, with every design choice intended to create a pendant that’s beautiful both inside and out. Each Woody is handcrafted here in the UK and made using off-cuts from our own furniture industry. Wood that’s UK-grown, certified and traceable. This means no two Woodys are the same, with elegant, clean lines and exquisite grain detail unique to each pendant.

Woody answers the constant need for new and exciting, using a process in complete opposition to mass production. Partnering with local artisan makers allows us to keep our emissions low, and inspires a more spontaneous approach to limited edition runs. Simply put, we can create Woodys of different colours and wood types by using the waste of our partners’ other commissions. (Remember, waste is only waste, if you lack imagination.)

Built better and built to last, we’ve also chosen to offer Woody with a lifetime repair warranty. This means we produce products that should never end up in landfills and create friends for life out of our clients.

A blueprint for the future

Beautiful, timeless, simple design is our bread and butter but our sights are now set on industry-wide change. We’ve seen first hand desperately unsafe working conditions and the toxic impact left by damaging practices, so choose to put good before greed. Our priorities are, and will always be, creating exceptional design through an exceptional supply chain, with a vision to inspire others to do the same.

Woody is a first, and certainly not our last, forming part of our Clean Conscious collection – pendants designed to leave the world brighter. Our hope is to make people question what they haven’t before and give them a choice that isn’t just beautiful but will leave them feeling guilt-free – lighter, if you will.

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