Whitegoods products are designed with input from lighting designers who have years of real life, first hand experience specifying and using luminaires of all kinds.

The ProTools range of professional lighting tools by Whitegoods is a flexible and adaptable system that utilizes the form factor of LED to reduce visual impact.

Customizable: The comprehensive options offered in the ProTools 4” downlight family meet all of the designer’s needs with choices of frame, insert and cover for a completely customizable solution. This range offers trimless and trim, round or square, ambient light or adjustable, wall washers, and lens options.

Versatile: Snap gangable installation frames allow designers to effortlessly create multiple groups of luminaires in perfect formation without the need for any custom housings. It is simple, easy and fast to create any combination required.

Accurate: ProTools Adjustable Downlights are designed with perfect aiming geometry, without the need for complicated gear-driven mechanisms. The focus of tilt is outside the luminaire, thus ensuring that the center of the beam passes through the center of aperture, regardless of the angle of illumination selected.

Focused and Fixed: A unique aiming stick with laser sight gives designers the ability to focus the project with lights on or off, allowing total confidence that the luminaire will hit its target. ProTools offers 365 degrees of rotation using a spring-loaded ratchet system, ensuring the position is fixed the moment it is set by four factory-torque-set friction points.

Future Proof: The ProTools Downlight range is designed to allow complete flexibility of application, today, next month, next year, and beyond. Its modular design means that any combination of insert and cover can be fitted into the mounting frame at any time.

ProTools allows the specifier freedom to design for all spaces within a project from one succinct, logical and aesthetically congruent range of luminaires that delivers ultimate performance and superb glare control.

Luminaires by Whitegoods blend perfectly with architectural surfaces to create integrated lighting schemes with one unified style and maximum efficiency of design. Inter-lux manufactures the Whitegoods brand of products, which address the need for minimalist lighting tools that are easy to specify, install and maintain.

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