The Whitegoods Lightmeter app was created to give lighting professionals access to a lightmeter without having to carry an additional device.

Unlike a typical lightmeter, designed for use by photographers, the Whitegoods Lightmeter app was created by lighting designers to address the specific needs of architects and lighting designers. This app allows any user to use their cell phone, whether IOS or Android, as a lightmeter to measure the light levels of a space, save those results and share those results with colleagues via a preformatted PDF report.

This is possible due to the ‘Project’ feature within the app, which allows any measured results to be added to Rooms within Projects. Pictures can also be added, so that the recipient of the report can see which areas within the project have been measured and recorded. With the help of this app, architects and lighting professionals have the opportunity to demonstrate the final results of their lighting proposals in a concise and professional format. This Project feature is completely unique amongst lightmeter applications.

All readings are time, date and geo stamped and a Room Average function can be used to take a series of readings throughout a space to determine the average light level. A CCT meter records the actual colour temperature of light sources in the field.

A QR reader with innovative functionality is provided to interact with Whitegoods’ printed literature and website. Scan a QR code from a Whitegoods catalogue page (each product has a unique QR code) and the user is taken directly to a specifically designed section of the website with the chosen product already selected. From here, specification sheets, design guides and installation instructions can be sent to the user or colleagues. Scan again to add multiple products before distributing the documentation. This unique functionality effortlessly delivers to the customer the information they need instantly, without having to leave the book or visit the website to try and find the same product manually.

A user can improve the accuracy of the lightmeter on their phone by utilizing a calibration setting that allows the app to learn from a lightmeter placed alongside it. There is also an optional “Luxi” attachment that can improve the accuracy of readings.

Two versions of this app are available; Basic and Pro. The Pro option unlocks additional features that include the CCT meter, “Luxi” calibration and the ability to share project data in a pre-formatted PDF.

To summarize, this app allows a user to:

  1. Use their personal cell phone as a lightmeter
  2. Record multiple light levels to projects
  3. Add images to projects and publish the results as a PDF
  4. Record colour temperature with the Correlated Colour Temperature (CCT) Meter function
  5. Use a Timer function for tricky to reach spots where the screen can’t be viewed
  6. Achieve even more accurate readings with an optional “Luxi” attachment
  7. Scan QR codes with the QR scanner

The Whitegoods lightmeter app is available on the Apple and Google Play stores.

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