The historic Watertoren Bollenstreek, towering at 45 meters, has been revitalized into a dynamic space for working, meeting, and dining. The renovation aims to inspire and empower companies and startups to flourish.

In order to establish the century-old tower as a prominent landmark in the area, the client sought a striking and energy-efficient lighting solution that aligns with their sustainability goals.

To achieve this, an end-to-end lighting solution from Color Kinetics was chosen for its advanced IntelliHue technology. This allows for the creation of bright pastels, saturated colors, and white light from the same controllable luminaires. ColorGraze IntelliHue Powercore fixtures were placed in the ribs of the tower, and Blast Powercore gen5, IntelliHue luminaires were placed in the ground to highlight the tower’s exterior vertical elements. The Color Kinetics Data Enabler Pro and iPlayer 3 controls the dynamic lighting system, including dimming the light during overnight hours for maximum energy savings.

Completed in October 2022, the new lighting system enhances the client’s vision for the tower to inspire and foster connections both locally and globally, all while promoting sustainable practices.

Lars Bouwman, architect AW Group: “We wanted to light the Water Tower in a subtle way, fitting with how we treat the tower. Livingprojects therefore joined in the concept phase. We aimed for a refined end result with which we can also put accents for special occasions. That has succeeded. People can now also experience the tower in the evening.”

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