The Radiant RAD 180 Inground WE IP 67 is a customisable Water Effect luminaire originally developed with MBLD for use in the W Hotel Algarve project.

The 100mm deep luminaires used for the project incorporated 12 high-power LEDs in a mix of whites and blues controlled by an integral 8-channel DMX driver.

The decorative, dynamic lit-effects are achieved with a combination of light engines incorporating an matrix of various colour temperatures and colour LEDs, complex multi-channel DMX controlled dimming sequences, and textured glass panels.

Each uplight luminaire provides up to 1,500 lumens per mtr but this depends on the mix of LED colours and colour temperatures, the textured glass used and varies during the dimming control sequence.

The gently changing patterns of light formed by the textured optics can be modified for each project by adjusting the DMX controlled LED sequence, the LED configuration, and the type of textured glass panel.

The luminaire comprises a durable walk-over rated glass window with anti-slip details, a machined 316 L stainless steel bezel, machined marine grade aluminium body and a molded housing, which contains the luminaires, separate driver enclosure, and junction box.

The overall depth of the luminaires used for the W Hotel project was only 100mm to allow for site conditions. A 300mm deep version with a single luminaire and driver configuration is also available for projects where there is no depth limitation.

As the Dynamic Water Effect does not rely on any moving parts, the system has a long working life up to 100,000 hours as the LEDs are not run at full output for most of the dimming sequence.

Radiant’s range of Water Effect lighting systems was originally developed over 10 years ago with lighting designers ÅF Lighting for a project in Sweden and now includes a variety of product types and formats for both interior and exterior lighting applications.

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