The W Algarve Hotel was concepted as a flirtatious escape nestled in the heart of the Portuguese coast. It embraces the high-energy lifestyle meet beachscape sophistication.

The translation of the concept into a potent lighting strategy is displayed through the gesture of crocheting light through a series of spaces, weaving of pathways that mimic the symphony of waves, and the sudden spark of the electric energy from an unexpected location.

The element of curiosity here and unexpected surprise there, seen in both the public and guestroom areas, slowly unravelling the story with lighting contributing more than its share.

Light grazes, fractures, dazzles and entices the visitor to varying degrees throughout all the spaces in succession and surprises at every turn in all the different ways it unfolds. It does so on and through materials, finishes, details and all by its own all the while embracing the local nature and culture.

Existing fittings from DGA, Lumino, Light Graphix, Wibre, DGA and a long range of others were used and often modified to match specific requirements for each space.

Very special lighting tools were developed, together with Radiant lighting, to achieve dynamic water and line projections for façade and spa feature illumination, which would not have been possible without the manufacturer going out of their way to achieve the lighting design vision.

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