Vyko is an advanced all-in-one solution.

It’s a luminaire and it’s a ceiling and it solves three problems at once: it improves the acoustics, offers high quality illumination with absolutely no glare and replaces the false ceiling. It is able to create various scenarios and personalized micro ambiences.

It represents a revolution in the construction sector, precisely in the field of lighting ceilings. A secondary ceiling is no longer needed, Vyko acts as a ceiling itself, as an acoustic absorber and light at the same time. It is easy to install while replacing the plaster work.

Due to its 3D shape and material, Vyko offers maximum acoustic comfort; it enables effective soundproofing and sound absorbing in all areas with middle and higher frequencies.

The product is designed for extended service life. Because of high internal quality standards, we can guarantee a 7-year warranty.

Our production plant has it’s own solar plant. The packaging is plastic – free. Vyko’s acoustic panel is made from 100% recyclable fiber.

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