The location perched at the 19th Floor rooftop of the OUE Bayfront building used to be a restaurant. It closed a few years ago and recently received a complete makeover towards becoming one of the must go, must visit dining and bar outlets of Singapore. With a stunning 270 degree view onto the Singapore Skyline, the Marina Bay area and its iconic Marina Bay Sands building, the location is an unmatched and a magical draw to the public. The interior designers maximised the space and volume to get the most impact and the best possible views and experience, combining a cosy intimate dining experience with the dramatic views to the skyline. Marina Bays Sands also has an hourly light show in the evenings which can be viewed by the patrons of the bar and restaurant. Key feature of the dining space is its 6m high barrel vault dome ceiling. The lighting concepts integrate technology allowing as seamless combination of tuneable white light with unparalleled rich colour combinations. It was decided to create a light show in this barrel vault ceiling in conjunction with the light show from Marina Bay Sands creating spectacular lighting effects and making the dinners part of the whole experience. Lighting effects such as the northern lights and the rainbow effect were chosen to stay in theme with nature (sky views!). The tuneable white light during the day and early evening allows for adaptive lighting matching the daylight, sunset conditions. The show controls are simply pre-programmed and auto-activated by the architectural lighting controls. The greatest challenge was avoiding reflections in the windows to maximise the views and impact. This was achieved by careful location of the light sources and direction of the lighting coverage (mostly indirect). Small rechargeable table lamps create the necessary intimacy. The integration of the light show as part of the dining experience is unique in Singapore and the use of the latest LED technology is an innovative step forward.

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