Virtual Sun from Innerscene is a breakthrough artificial skylight that has solved some of the challenges of this exciting class of product.

Virtual Sun is not just a light fixture, but also serves as an ultra-realistic window to the great blue sky and sun above us. Using Virtual Sun, you can create the feeling of infinite space and a connection with the outdoors in any space day or night.

Virtual Sun acts as two different light sources in one. The direct sunlight component illuminates walls and floors with bright rectangular patches of sunlight created by arrays of precisely focused LEDs to replicate the look and feel of both direct and indirect light entering a room through a skylight. The diffuse light component illuminates rooms evenly illuminates the entire room without glare.

In nature, the sky CCT can vary from 2500K for a warm sunset/sunrise to over 20,000K for a dark blue sky. By carefully mixing light from five different LED technologies, Innerscene’s Virtual Sun can dynamically change from 3000K to over 17,000K while following the daylight locus curve. This allows it to replicate the visible spectrum of natural light while maintaining a high CRI and make colours in the space or room look more vibrant and natural. Because Virtual Sun has no ultraviolet or infrared light, it won’t burn our skin or eyes, or bleach artwork, floors or furniture.

From sunrise to sunset, the Virtual Sun changes colours and intensities throughout the day, replicating the effects that natural light has on our circadian rhythm. It is equipped with a geographically calibrated internal clock to enable this synchronisation with local daylight settings. Studies show that cooler correlated colour temperatures (CCTs) result in higher levels of focus and productivity while warmer CCTs allow our bodies to transition to and from sleep rates. Replicating this at the appropriate parts of the day is how the Virtual Sun supports health and wellbeing.

At just 24cm deep, one of the slimmest on the market, the Virtual Sun can be retrofitted, making it a flexible solution for a wide range of applications. Large skylights of unlimited length and width can be created by tiling arrays of units. Yet the sun appears at true infinity so every occupant only sees one sun, no matter how many fixtures are joined together.

Although Innerscene supports advanced control interfaces ranging from 0-10V, DALI Type 8, and mobile phone apps it can be delivered as a fully enabled self-contained system that is pre-configured at the factory and requires no programming or configuration on site.

All these features are market-leading, yet Innerscene has been able to take the price-point down on the Virtual Sun when compared to earlier models.

The Virtual Sun has been installed in a plethora of projects, with one of its first installations being the Apple headquarters in Cupertino.

Innerscene aims to Create Sunshine, Anytime, Anywhere.

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