Cinimod NVS created the lighting for multiple spaces on board the ‘Scarlet Lady’, the first of four 110,000 ton ships for the new cruise line Virgin Voyages, revolutionising the standard for the cruise ship industry and featuring a clean energy system.

The first ship was launched in March 2020, with three others to follow.

Virgins intentions were clear, attract younger holiday makers to the cruise ship experience. This in turn drove our design intent to create a fresh and clean experience on board the ship, contrary to previous traditional cruise ship design.

Cinimod NVS collaborated with Softroom Architects to design unique public spaces around the ship, from atrium to restaurants and cafes, from shops to a tattoo parlour, we worked to deliver captivating environments all underpinned by ‘Rock and Roll’.

Sailors entering the ship for the first time are welcomed by vibrant colour and a marine motive. The atrium is the main arrival point for passengers, a piazza of sorts for life on board. Featuring a spiralling central grand staircase that connects decks six and seven, the concealed lighting and considered integrated details highlight the series of curvy enclosures, designed to bring the relaxed mood of the sundeck inside the ship. The view of the horizon is framed with soft light and an array of illuminated dichroic fins trigger curiosity for the voyage ahead.

On the ceiling, the dynamic lighting feature designed by the studio sits within the mirrored dome. A centre point with slow transition of coloured patterns is artistically inspired by the changing tone of the light during the day, on the outer circle the illuminated slats are connected and responsive to the ships compass, illuminating sailors to true north regardless of this ships direction.

The Korean barbeque named ‘Geonbae’ is one of the ships highlights. The interior is strongly inspired by K-Pop culture and the lighting intensify’s the mood, focusing the attention on the vertical surfaces of the walls full of colours and textures whilst keeping the rest of the environment toned down to allow the appreciation of the ocean view. The circular tables are individually lit with narrow beam down lights, lighting integrated within the cooker hood and decorative elements.

The classic buffet synonymous with traditional cruise ships has been replaced by a colourful food market named ‘The Galley’. Each kiosk has been designed to celebrate the style of food it offers. The lighting has been tailored to highlight this diversity creating at the same time a welcoming and fresh environment.

Walking through the Scarlet Lady, the passengers have the feeling of a revolution. The design and lighting is an important part of the revolution!

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