*Vimoksha* is a transformed 1924 carousel described as a vehicle for enlightenment. Carousels revolve, going nowhere, repeating a cyclic nature while we co-experiencing it’s ceaseless turning movement as an amusement ride. The concept lighting for the *Vimoksha* project relies upon traditional carousel lighting purchased from the Action Lighting Company, an amusement lighting source. The aluminium horses were polished to a gleam, stripped bare of their paint resulting in a jewel like and luminous surface. The rounding boards, shields and chariot mirrors were laser cut by the artist increasing light reflectivity for a kaleidoscopic, spectral effect. Cast light fractals occur during carousel movement while the sun and light shifts throughout the day and night. The 180 clear LED bulbs mimimize energy use while reinforcing the concepts of renewal, restoration and reimagination that *Vimoksha* creates. The wiring, components and circuitry were re-designed by the artist and sourced from her family’s traveling carnival that has been in storage, untouched for years.

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