Villa Calanova is a house of rural origin located within the Tenuta delle Ripalte, which lies on a promontory of the Island of Elba (Tuscany, Italy), between the exclusive beaches of Calanova and Istia. The building has been completely renovated by the interior designer Adriano Bacchella, who has preserved the original flavour, both in the choice of natural materials and colours that follow the nuances of the Elban earth.

The protagonist of the furnishings is wood; the use of reclaimed materials also conveys harmony and respect for the land in which the house is immersed.

The Catellani & Smith brand lighting has been chosen to create the right atmosphere, both in the cosy rooms of the 2 floors house and in the redevelopment of the outdoor spaces. Most lamps have been selected in the brass finish. In particular, in the master bedroom, the Turciù lamp installed at the wooden ceiling, with its flexible arms made in custom lengths, and two Lola table lamps resting on the bedside tables share the same brass finish, which adds a touch of warmth to the ambience. In the second bedroom, two EC301 lamps, in white finish and brass joints, adorn the walls and create their typical beams of light above the bed, while a Lederam Manta S2, hand-painted in white and finished in gold-coloured leaf applied by hand, is placed onto the ceiling.

In the living room, the scenic Macchina della Luce mod. C diffuses golden lighting over the sofa, while an Atman lamp, thanks to the interaction of the light emitted by a single LED with the crystal glass of its oval shape, creates suggestive lighting effects in the cosy room. Here again, the standing lamp Cicloitalia F, made entirely of hand-crafted brass, blends perfectly with the warm colours of furnishings and walls.

In the bathroom, the minimalist and elegant Light Stick CW wall lamp has been set over the rectangular window that frames the view on the landscape, as it were a painting.

On the ground floor, a PostKrisi 51 pendant lamp, hand-painted in white, dominates the dining table and blends in with the room’s furniture thanks to its material texture, in which light interacts with colour and form in a pleasant play of transparencies and contrasts. When switched on, the lamp shapes the light thanks to its jagged, fringed edges.

Lucenera 503 iand Cicloitalia W2 lamps, both in white finish, are installed at the walls of the house.

The entrance has been decorated with a wood shelter, to which many More pendants, similar to glass fruits, have been woven to provide soft lighting; the same lamps have been hung to the large wooden porch, in which a Fil de Fer pendant, made of skilfully hand-woven aluminium wire and dotted with tiny LEDs, creates a relaxing Mediterranean atmosphere in the outdoor living area, where lies a transparent glass Medouse floor lamp.

Along the garden paths, the models of the Sypha outdoor line (Syphaduepassi, Syphasera and Syphasfera, in different heights), blend in with the surrounding bushes, leading to the outpost on the promontory, illuminated by two Fil de Fer outdoor floor lamps, and to the many corners among the pine trees, where guests can enjoy the beauty of the landscape.

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