VERTEX is a new modular outdoor lighting family that aims to unify itself with the urban space and create a harmonic composition as a part of the architecture. Its frame is refined with rectangular lines to emphasize the visual character of VERTEX. While it exists as an architectural element in daylight with its slim and sleek design, it provides functional illumination to the surroundings at night time.

The character of the VERTEX family is based on an integrated modular design that allows bi-directional light module placement. Module placement is done via a special-lock mechanism which allows easy installation and maintenance. The main housing and enclosing components of VERTEX family are composed of high-pressure die-cast aluminum and tempered glass diffuser. The light columns and bollards are produced with 180 x 70 mm profile aluminium extrusion while all aluminium parts pre-treated before powder coating to ensure high corrosion resistance.

The characterized integrated modular design also allows the family to offer different usage scenarios. It serves a holistic lighting family approach with its different product ranges as light column, bollard, wall-recessed, and ceiling-recessed options. Vertex columns and bollards have 3 different options with 1,2 and 6 module integration with its different height options for project flexibility, within the coherence of lighting performance. VERTEX recessed wall-mounted light illuminates the stairs and wall edge paths to create a sense of orientation and space recognition. The recessed ceiling-mounted light ensures the vertical illumination for enclosed spaces or highlights the architectural typography by easily installed on the wall through stainless steel springs.

VERTEX Family offers asymmetrical lighting distribution to avoid any side dispersions. It contains high technology reflectors as the main optical element to shape the light in its distribution form. Every facet within the reflectors is thoroughly designed to provide uniform lighting, preventing the light from the formation of streaks and striations. The LED chips incorporated in VERTEX are thoughtfully aligned within the reflector to block direct eye contact with the by-passers, preventing them from unpleasant glare.

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