Venroy is a wonderfully unique retail design project in that every luminaire across the space was custom designed solely for this project.

We wanted to create an unparalleled interior that is driven by a sophisticated beauty, but where an exceptional architectural lighting result was critical. The lighting had to hero but not overwhelm and align perfectly with the brand’s minimal aesthetic. The concept saw us realise a vision of a residential feel within a retail environment. The illumination is warm and focused, and not exclusively caught up in the design of the luminaires.

The luminaires were conceptualised with a family-like familiarity, with one central figure enjoying a number of variations through the space to create a comfort in consistency. We collaborated with various artisans, so creating prototypes was a critical first step. The fixtures all feature uncoated finishes in a raw polish and they fully adjust for displays – they are all about the performance. Custom making every light from different sources had its challenges, such as not only achieving consistency in the different materials but achieving it in the light sources and colour temperature. Once prototypes were perfected, we performed naked eye testing on site, to be certain that the luminaire’s finishes and light distribution immersed themselves seamlessly throughout the space.

The project was all about the fine details, everything had to be carefully considered and perfected from the overall mood down to the screws, cables, and connectors. The details extended to creating acrylic light boxes, sunken into the wall for enhanced visual merchandising.

As one would know when working in retail fit outs, it was a tremendous undertaking to deliver under the usual time and budget restraints, but the nuances and the rewards of atmosphere of a residential space in a retail environment mixed with every luminaire being distinctive and imaginative made the journey a compelling and highly satisfying one.

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