dpa lighting consultants were delighted to be commissioned by Vashi to design the lighting of their new flagship store in Covent Garden London, working closely with the client body at Vashi, DECON Project Management, Mythology creative studio and designers from New York and architects

Tanner Design. There was a clear vision for how this new bespoke fine jewellery store would operate and look, with an immersive in-store workshop, striking displays and a hotel like reception/bar area at the lower level. The lighting had to visually reflect the different spaces whilst ensuring the light from the workshop spaces did not impact adversely on the other areas. The store was conceived to create a new experience for Clients visiting a fine jewellery retail space and did not follow the normal high street approach.

Good lighting is always the result of excellent collaboration between the Client, design team and contractors and this project exemplified the process. The various workshop areas at both Ground and Lower level have strong visual indicators from the lighting arrangements that these are serious work spaces with craftspeople exercising their skills but with Clients actively involved. The adjacent display areas and cases are carefully illuminated with focused narrow beam fixtures mixing 3000K

and 4000K white light to ensure the diamonds sparkle refracting light and the various metals used within the jewellery glean with the mixed light sources. The lounge and bar area have a softer more hotel like feel, even though they are adjacent to active workshop space. The variation of the lighting arrangements are achieved through a combination of carefully selected optics and a control system.

We developed the lighting scheme as an integrated part of the interior. Vashi has brought the craftmanship of a jewellery workshop into the retail space, closely interacting with customers for a unique experience. The lighting responds to the spaces within the store, creating a variety of different areas as illustrated by the various images.

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