Lighting sits at a unique modern intersection between the experiential, sensual world and cutting-edge technical advances, and this juxtaposition is used to compelling effect at the Vanke Sky City Exhibition Center in Hangzhou. Through integrated facade lighting, landscape lighting, and an ambitious new media art installation, light is harnessed and artfully applied to evoke the natural world while delighting in futuristic promise.

The architectural structure itself is laid out for a gradual immersive entry: a long hidden walkway embedded in a series of fountains brings the visitor gradually towards the glowing geometric structure of the exhibition hall. Moving with the flow of water, the path eventually comes up to an escalator below the building, drawing the eye up to floating architecture. From there, a bespoke interactive projection streams down toward you, with fish and flowers drifting into your path — blending the real and imaginary, the technical and the fantastical. A journey has been woven seamlessly through light, for the client to experience before even entering the building.

The projection and application of lighting are highly technical and logistically complicated, involving many projection lamps; the show director has full control over the whole ambiance and can balance the lighting conditions as needed. This combination of traditional lighting and new media is a fully immersive harnessing of the magic of light.

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