V20S is one of LUMINO’s most proven luminaires, with the Optic variant recently becoming their bestselling product. The latest addition to the range, ColorTUNE, now provides two different tuneable white options for added versatility. With 1800-3000K and 2200-4000K options as standard and the option for bespoke ranges, you can now offer the right CCT range for any project.

Truly compact at 20mm width and depth, available in 35° graze lens for wall grazing, 50° wash lens and 90° flood lens for broad beam control with optional anti-glare louvre and now with the added options of the new ColorTUNE LED packages, V20S Optic has become an invaluable tool for lighting designers.

Extensive research and development including production of countless engineering prototypes and samples was carried out by LUMINO until the optimum balance between glare reduction, cost and maintaining a high quality light output was met. This makes V20S Optic the smallest IP67 rated, optically controlled tuneable white product available on the market today.

V20S is compatible with CLICK-CONNECT™ PowerTHRU connectors for a speedy, simple and effective installation. Luminaires can be manufactured to custom colours, and lengths within a 1mm tolerance to ensure linear runs can fit precisely into their designed positions.

All options of the V20S can be manufactured in IP67, allowing reliable and safe operation in wet and damp areas. With all luminaires 100% tested to ensure an IP67 rating and a 5 year extended warranty, you can be confident in specifying V20S Optic on your project.

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