V20S is one of Lumino’s most proven and popular luminaires. Having been specified in high-profile projects across the globe, on interior and exterior projects from Europe to New York and New Zealand, its capabilities know no bounds.

Truly compact at only 20mm width and depth V20S Optic is available in graze, wash or flood optics for accurate beam control and is available with an optional micro-blade louvre for glare reduction. The new Louvre substantially reduces the angle from which the internal optics can be seen, reducing glare dramatically.

V20S Optic is available with the unmatched performance of Lumino ColorCore® 2-Step SDCM LED, colour rendering of CRI 95Ra with TM30 values of up to 92Rf and 100Rg as standard or the new VectorFlex EQ™ LED, designed to meet the requirements of everyday projects while maintaining high quality with 3-step colour consistency and >90CRI.

The introduction of Optic into the V20S range allows designers to focus light exactly where needed. The variety of beam angles allows for a multitude of applications, from wall grazing to floodlighting, both interior and exterior. The optional Louvre strikes the perfect balance between glare reduction and maximising light output without compromising the compact form of the luminaire. Designers can be assured of its unrivalled quality when specifying the V20S Louvre.

Demonstrating its exceptional capabilities, V20S allows for up to 24w/m of flexible PCB producing up to 2300lm/m at 3000k, all in a compact 20x20mm package.

All options of V20S can be manufactured up to IP67, allowing it to reliably and safely operate in wet and damp areas. It is an important benefit that the luminaire is watertight, without the need for encapsulating the LED chip, this increase efficiency and reduces the risk of inconsistency and colour shifts over time.

When every element of the design is taken into consideration, underpinned by the quality that Lumino solutions are renowned for, Lumino is proud to present the V20S Optic as an outstanding LED luminaire design achievement.

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