The Uplight Pendant Track pairs a field cuttable pendant track system with an integrated LED uplight that enhances the ability to highlight art, objects, spaces, and architectural details. The 24V LED linear source stretches the length of the track section for even upward illumination while maintaining a narrow channel for the track fixture suspended via minimalist aircraft cable. It is compatible with all our track heads, including fixed, adjustable, wall wash, and pendant. The Uplight Pendant Track is incredibly versatile; it can be mounted to any horizontal surface. Toolless and intuitive leveling brackets allow the center of gravity to be adjusted with the swivel mechanism, maintaining a precisely level track system.

Each track section is 8’ long and field cuttable. The uplight LED tape is integrated into the track section, field cuttable at 2” increments. Further flexibility comes via the included mechanical suspension kit with adjustable 8’ or 16’ height. The Surface Mount Canopy Assembly attaches to standard 3/O, 4/O and 4” square j-boxes, incorporating concealed mounting hardware. The track and track connectors are made of extruded aluminum, and it is available in white and black granulated powder coat finishes. The product is also made of materials that contain post-consumer recycled content and is Declare Red List Approved in accordance with Living Building Challenge.

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