This three-day light art workshop was a collaboration between Light Life Academy and the University of Soureh. It was the first and only light art installation workshop organised in Iran. Accordingly, the number of applicants to attend the workshop was much higher than expectations. The participants were from a variety of backgrounds including engineers, fine artists, architects and designers.

The main theme for the workshop was showing environmental hazards. A challenge was also introduced to make their light art installation using unpopular waste material such as tailoring material, burnt oil, wires and cables. The process started with a week of online sessions to submit the design concepts. Then the required materials were provided based on the designs. Eventually during a two-day workshop, all the groups were engaged in building their lighting art installations. The third day an open call exhibition was held for showing the work to the public.

Mentors: Dr.Shahabedin Zeini Aslani & Dr. Armaghan Ahmadi Venhari

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