Curiosity is a very human instinct that the brain rewards with a healthy dose of dopamine when activated. Could that rush of pleasure be the reason artists are forever curious to look behind the veil and see the whole picture? Isn’t this the reason why revolutions were started by the poets, the artists, the dreamers and the weavers. Those who aren’t afraid to look for beauty as well as darkness. For the truth and the spark within that truth.

‘Under the Surface’ has a deceptively large, calm, glowing shape on top that is primarily what the viewer sees when they stand close to it. The central part of the sculpture is closely surrounded by ripples of almost translucent fabric creating a shroud of mystery around the glowing top, veiling the bottom, darker half of the installation. A large mirror is placed on the sand below giving the viewer a hint that there is more to the installation than meets the eye.

This interactive installation invites viewers to kneel down and place their hands on sculpted ceramic ‘hands’ that sit in the sand around the mirror allowing them to percieve the rich, complex world that makes up the bottom half of the light sculpture from their unique perspective looking up as well as through the reflection in the mirror where they can see the other participants and different elements of the sculpture lighting up.

When a viewer places their hand on one of the ‘hands’ of the installation, one part of the incredible landscape that lies ‘under the surface’ lights up. Each ‘hand’ is connected to sensors that light up different parts of the light sculpture creating a different experience from each vantage point. When four participants place their hands on them at the same time, they light up the whole piece – in essence – powering the sculpture (and revolution) to life.

‘Under the Surface’ is a metaphor for this world we live in, where so much appears perfect on the outside, but when you look deeper – you find that there is so much more to what meets the eye. It could be beautiful, or complex, deeply sad or perhaps the sign of hope and powerful change to come.

This light sculpture is entirely hand-crafted from ceramic, porcelain, fabric and mild steel by our team of artisans in India.

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