Under My Umbrella invites you to dream and dance under a glowing canopy as it sways gently in the wind.

The canopy is made up of a mass of magical umbrellas that dim and glow as you dance beneath them. This whimsical installation also casts a sea of stars on the laneway below, enveloping dancers in light. Strategically placed sensors respond to the crowd, from one to many, the programmed scenes change to suit. The wind gently sways the umbrellas continually reacting to the environment. With subtle tones of intensity and mono-colour, you are mesmerised by the movement of light.

Visitors can download the XIMtroller app to choreograph the canopy, and the installation also communicates to people’s smart devices when they are nearby via iBeacon and PhyWeb.

The installation has a simple message: “Come to join us and dance the night away – Under My Umbrella!

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