Ultimo Neon 10 3D is the latest addition to LEDFlex’s Ultimo Neon range, as part of the Flexi Neon family. The Ultimo Neon range is the ideal solution for exterior architecture application, and Ultimo Neon 10 3D provides homogenous, resilient, and impermeable decorative detail lighting for exterior contouring. This luminaire provides a horizontal and vertical bend, making it the perfect flexible solution to meet exterior architectural applications with a variety of design specifications.

Featuring a beam angle of 120° and an optimal lumen output of 170lm to 236lm, the Ultimo Neon 10 3D ensures that lighting has the ultimate output to highlight feature lighting and display outdoor furniture lighting applications. This luminaire is currently available in colour temperature ranges from 2200K to 5700K, to suit the ambience of any project.

With a range of lumen outputs and colour temperatures, this luminaire offers a suitable lighting solution for many project specifications and exterior feature applications, to highlight exterior architectural features and ensure the perfect atmosphere for outdoor furniture.

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