ULTIMA-P represents the perhaps most unobtrusive and minimal pendant luminaire, yet packing a powerful punch. In general the ULTIMA family features three master technologies (CSP LEDs, antiglares and the second generation of nano optics). The light output from the LEDs is controlled with a miniature moulded reflector, only 7 mm in diameter, and a nano lens optical film combination. The light engine is mounted in an extruded aluminium heat sink housing onto which a moulded miniature glare control louvre is fixed, providing glare control up to UGI 13. There are seven distributions available in the ULTIMA range, from a narrow 10º spot up to a wide 60º beam and an opal window option for a diffuse effect. There are optics for batwing and asymmetric distributions, allowing the system to be used in a wide variety of lighting applications. Maximum output is 1,870 lumens from the 4,000 K 80 CRI version with a power consumption of 25 W per metre.

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