ULTIMA represents a ground breaking step for lighting integration in the architecture. Its minimal design makes it blend in any building structure and disappear from sight. The ULTIMA family features two master technologies (CSP LEDs and the second generation of nano optics) offering 7 different lighting effects from spot to asymmetric with an outstanding control of glare (UGR < 13) and color consistency.

With a high degree of flexibility and minimalist compactness, ULTIMA delivers a new design freedom in architectural lighting. The use of innovative nano-optics enabled a reduction of the luminaire size to a profile of 10 x 13 mm while enhancing the lighting effects. The antiglare louver conceals the light source. ULTIMA can be used as a stand-alone unit or light track system, with ten mounting options for enhanced flexibility.

The stand-alone version presents ULTIMA in its most compact form as a system. Its cross section of 10 mm x 13 mm (H x W) makes it an ideal candidate for finesse integrations or confined spaces. Ideal for furniture integration, showcase or display lighting, integration on grid ceilings or as surface mounted.

ULTIMA-T is a set of track modules which can be placed at will in an extended 24 V track system. Each modules offers the exact same features as ULTIMA-S aside of its power feeding. Ideal for gallery & museum lighting or spaces requiring multiple lighting effects with strong structural restrictions. ULTIMA-T can be placed anywhere in the recessed trimless, recessed with trim or surface / pendant track systems.

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