Ekaterinburg is considered to be the third most attractive city in Russia. Trinity is a residential complex in the very center of Ekaterinburg. The Customer was willing to get state of the art lighting with various scenarios squeezed into a tight budget of about £30,000 which would amount to our purchase value of luminaires. Rentable building area was about 22 thousand square meters. Thus, the named budget for such an area was considerably limited.

Jointly with an architect, Eugene Trubetskov, we developed a layout design and placed the light fixtures in an asymmetrical fashion. Every asymmetrical module was of different length and consisted of spot luminaires pointing its light source at the beholder. The total number of those sources was 5,100 pieces. We developed special fixing to the façade in the shape of a rectangular loop of minimalistic design thanks to which the luminaires look well-balanced on the façade. When looking out of the window the luminaires cannot be easily traced and they visually merge with the building façade supports.

It is worth mentioning that the sources pointed at the viewers are well contrasted with the lights pouring from the flats windows. They are clearly outlined on the façade.

As the main lighting animation theme in our design we chose White gradients from top to bottom despite the fact that all the luminaires are of high color rendering index and can convey full RGB spectrum. The other lighting animations were created as supplementary ones. Total number of animation scenarios is fifteen.

A huge emphasis has been placed on the importance to maintain comfort lighting zone for the residents who are bound to see the architectural lighting. That is the reason for making the animation smoothly flowing and naturally aligned. Closer to 11 p.m. the light fixtures are dimmed not to bother the residents from the surrounding buildings; while after 11 p.m. the lights go out completely.

The animations have undergone two iterations. The first was when the facility was being handed over. And the second was implemented when after seven months we received feedback from the residents of the area with proposals on how to improve the existing animations, and based on that feedback we issued a new release with refinement of the initial solution.

Broadly speaking, we received a huge positive feedback from the residents as well as from the developer of the residential complex. Lighting as a product in terms of value for money turned out to be very successful.

We do believe in effective lighting solutions in Russia, and to pursue that goal we are constantly developing to be able to come up with the most suitable designs. We appreciate your attention to our presentation.

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