The Trinity Centre, two 22-story landmarked office buildings built in 1905, was nearly hidden by New York City’s growing skyline. Now, a new LED façade lighting system has re-established the historic buildings as visual delights.  Focused to enhance the pedestrian experience, uplighting concealed on cornices and sills reveals sculptural forms that go unnoticed, even in daylight.  The RGBW system provides a palette of rich whites and seasonal colours that enliven pedestrian views from nearby walkways and plazas.  The public can see the beauty of the neo-Gothic style architecture as never before.


The new exterior lighting accents the textures and rhythms of window forms, balconies, and pediments, visually pulling the building from the background creating a distinct night-time identity. The buildings’ south view, tuned on most days to 2700K white, draws attention to the warm tones in the stone facades. The narrow gap where the buildings straddle Thames Street, previously dark and foreboding, comes alive at night. Pedestrians on Trinity Place now have an enjoyable view of the buildings as they softly glow through the trees of Trinity Church cemetery. Tuned to 1900K white for special events, the buildings have the historical feeling of candlelight.


Seasonal holidays are celebrated with soft tints; no primary or saturated colours are employed. The RGBW system blends a pastel palette that is respectful of the buildings’ landmark status. The multi-channel digital control system allows nimble animations.  Each hour after sunset the building sparkles for five minutes in 3000K white, celebrating the passage of time with a distinctive flourish.

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