Designed by glassmaker/artist iestyn Davies, the ’Translucence’ series of asymmetric luminaires is composed of hand-blown glass, laser-cut acrylic centres, and the latest linear cob LED strip.

These organic decorative pendant lights emerged from a desire to reference and elevate the traditional craft-based technique of hot glass-making as a bespoke contemporary process rather than that of mass production. Each pendant can be considered a true one-off, a singular testimony to the craftsmanship required to create such a form, created without relying on moulds to dictate and restrain the end form.

The name ‘Translucence’ refers to the interaction and light-play between the two overlying optically rich glass surfaces that amplify both natural light and that from the integral hidden LED. Designed to hang as individual pendants, in small clusters, or as a multi-array feature chandelier, and soon to be available wall and table formats, ‘Translucence’ features an alternating thick and thin cross section of glass to catch and transmit the light. Simply put, when you blow a hot, round glass bubble into an optic mould, the glass blows into the vertical grooves forming thick and thin vertical stripes. The ‘trick’ to retain this optical effect is to not overheat this gather of glass whilst inflating it into the desired shape, which would negate the prominent ribs. This takes greater skill (hence my involvement of glass maestro Elliot Walker) and has taken several sessions at the furnace-side to realise. The more these external ribs are retained, the more the light projects through the interactive surfaces. Each is then reversed on the iron and coerced via several re-heats into a more organic form while allowing the hole to open naturally at the front.

Our second goal was to embrace the emerging LED cob technology, pure linear light packaged in increasingly efficient packages, using less energy, yet releasing more lumens per watt. We created countless prototypes, learning how to package the cob strip into a reproduceable ‘carriage’, again made from laser-cut acrylic, that would send the light where we needed it. The outcome was an amazing 1 watt consumption, producing over 100 lumens. This can be offered in a variety of colour temperatures.

These unique glowing forms are our luxurious response to the mass-production trend that characterises our modern on-line ‘available for next day delivery’ expectations; a bespoke alternative that radiates calm and focuses our attention back towards a time when the arts were a tradition rather than a luxury.

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