The Songshan Cultural and Creative Park was the tobacco factory in the 1940s and positioned as the Creative Hub of Taipei after being restored in 2011. The space with re-lighting design is not only an important corridor in the exhibition area, but also an open space in front of the library which belongs to TDRI (Taiwan Design Research Institute). However the lighting before redesign was cold white which only provided the basic functional lighting. It could not show the historical of the Songshan Cultural and Creative Park and the value of the Creative Hub of Taipei.

The new lighting design uses the track accent light to emphasize the columns on the two sides and the artistic creation of light bars to be playing of brilliants. This drift freely light bars which treats the corridor as a memory space that travels through time and space, carries the dialogue between the old building and the new art creation through continuous light.

The track light with 3000K color temperature and the LED light bar with 2700K color temperature give the corridor space a deeper expression under the appropriate contrast. The free-curved light bars just like the initial sketches and abstract lines on the sketches giving designers and artists unlimited imagination and design thought.

The Corridor space reinterprets the nature of the design field from the TDRI by combining the lighting environment and lighting art.

With good and suitable light, space can express its own characteristics.

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