Townhouse Lefkada is a modern block of flats – aparthotel in the heart of Lefkada town. It is comprising of 9 flats over 3 floors, atrium, roof terrace and a multifunctional lobby with resident’s café and art display lounge for private events.

The exterior facade is composed by a series of vertical fins that give a distinctive look to the building. The fins are highlighted at night creating a luminous curtain on the two main elevations. Their illumination is carefully detailed to allow both privacy and views out.

Given the residential nature and location of the project emphasis is given on the prevention of glare for the residents and neighbours as well as light pollution and light glow. The façade lighting is selective, and all lighting elements are contained within the architectural fabric. Honeycomb filters for the narrow beam spotlights (longer facade fins) and vertical louvers for the linear uplights (shorter facade fins) contain and direct light where needed.

Carefully integrated exterior lighting in front of and behind the façade fins creates a sense of volume and depth and provides a soft and understated lit effect. Smart lighting controls allow for visual hierarchy and a dim down exterior lit effect for late night operation, as a result Townhouse Lefkada has a discreet and elegant nighttime presence.

At ground level trees, selective landscape and decorative features such as the bespoke illuminated signage are highlighted. Most lighting comes from within the building. The upper floors are private while the ground floor is open, transparent and inviting.

The visitor is directed to the main lobby through a glazed entrance carefully framing the reception desk. Different interior lighting layers on the reception desk, art wall illumination, as well as the atrium feature lighting in the background create a sense of perspective, so very selective exterior lighting is required at the main entrance. Interior and exterior lighting blend in together to create a welcoming atmosphere at night.

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