TOGETHER is a spectacular touring art installation filled with video, light and sound in which audiences can feel part of an immersive, collaborative experience.

Created as a reaction to the isolation of lockdown, the artwork is a huge pavilion-like open space in which communities can come together to celebrate their unity and love in the face of adversity through music and light. .

TOGETHER reflects & represents the communities who host it – It can be transformed using light and sound to take on a variety of forms – from ethereal and calm to celebratory and raucous.

By working closely with the local community, artists and a range of collaborators for each location. TOGETHER offers a unique experience each time. From a rave in the forest at Leeds Festival to a moving memorialisation of the people of Chatham’s experiences and then on to a party on Albert Dock, celebrating an iconic Liverpool club night as part of the River of Light Festival.

We collaborate with hosts of TOGETHER, taking their stories, identities & the language of their place and displaying them on the inner face of the three rings, intertwined with mesmerising visuals and soundscapes.

TOGETHER has also hosted live workshops, performances and events. We have collaborated with artists playing in the space to create a bespoke AV show, incorporating moving text and video content. We have also incorporated a 360° architectural lighting show.

Audiences can experience the piece from both inside and outside the structure and when inside they are ‘held’ in the space by the 360 visuals surrounding them, creating the feeling of being together as one.

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