Light-art-competition for the 250th birthday of Beethoven won by Felix Müller and Nils-R. Schultze.

The light installations symbolize Beethoven’s life in Bonn, his gradual detachment from the small town and the way out into the world. The light objects are distributed in the urban space in such a way that they function as an exhibition. The audience is invited to walk from installation to installation. The urban space is to be experienced new, light images are created in the minds of the visitors that will be remembered.

The task was to build on Beethoven’s musical work and to establish a connection to his hometown Bonn.

The short days in December, the month of Beethoven’s birth, form the stage for our illumination of the urban space. The pictures from Bonn go out into the world. At the same time it is shown that Beethoven’s musical work is present in the world. Our illuminations follow the basic idea of the lighting project, to unite a wide range of different installations into one overall picture in the urban area of Bonn

1. Stadthaus (new Townhall, interaktive Installation)
2. Disco Ball in der Hofgarten (in front of the castle, 6,5m high, 3m in diameter)
3. Beethoven’s birth room in front of the Bonn Station
4. Beethoven’s birth room at the Wilhelmsplatz (Place in a normal living area)
5. Ghost, inflatable object in the Friedrichstrasse, 4m in diameter
6. Ghost II, inflatable object in the Sternstrasse, 7m in diameter
7. Beethoven-Monument, Beethoven stands on the universe of light, LED-Tubes with 4 m in diameter
8. World, on time projection of the place, where actual starts a Beethoven concert.
9. Connection, a wall of light in a big Allee
10. Water, projection of water and jumping stone, animation


a large interactive installation related to Beethoven’s music.
The audience can activate color spots on the floor, which then trigger acoustically different parts from Beethoven’s music and a graphic in the corresponding color. Each sound track stands for itself. And when several are activated, they harmonize with each other. The musical implementation was carried out by the composer Sven Helbig, the graphics were created together with Kathrin Kreitmeyer.
The basic idea of this installation is: the audience makes music.

Disco ball

A huge disco ball stands in the Hof-garden as a visual sign of the tension between the music of Beethoven and our post-pop culture and the always fruitful exchange between the so-called e- and u-music. It is a symbol of our time and its club and music culture and transforms the Hofgarten into a large urban experience zone.

Beethoven’s birth room

The small room was rebuilt with 1:1 scale LED-elements and appears twice in Bonn’s inner city as a linear, shining object. And exactly at the height at which the real birth room is above street level. This creates a feeling for the size and height of Bonn houses in the 18th century.

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