Time Forward is a unique experience of human interaction with art and time.

The installation Time Forward adorns the main entrance arch of Gorky Park. It is a unique creative work with a three-part structure. This creative venture was conceived not solely as a visually appealing structure complementing the park’s overall style, but also as a profound symbol immersed in the dimensions of time and space. Outwardly unassuming, Time Forward installation remarkably embodies a threefold interaction between the past, present, and future.

Reflecting the historical heritage of the site, 550 sheaves of meadow grass cascade as a representation of the past, gracing the roof.

Representing the present, the Stalinist Empire style arch serves as a conduit for time, symbolizing permanence and the uninterrupted flow of life.

The future takes form through a light installation beneath the arches, crafted by the KULTURA SVETA bureau. Comprising 520 neon elements, varying from 2 to 6 meters in length, this creation evokes images of roots or neural networks, delving deeper into our daily lives.

The process of creating the Time Forward installation posed a challenge. We had a mere three weeks to conceptualize, fabricate, and install it.

The work demanded rapid, inventive solutions. Every aspect was meticulously considered: materials, manufacturing techniques, and securely fixing the structure on this culturally significant site.

Flexible LED neon strung on wire emerged as the primary material. However, due to wind conditions and the weight of the neon, a thicker wire was required for added stability. Collaborating with architects, we experimented with coil diameter, length, and hanging density to achieve the optimal result. Interestingly, the architects and bureau affectionately dubbed this installation “Curls.” Each of the 520 curls was hand-twisted using a special styling nozzle shaped like a wire cone, ensuring the individuality and uniqueness of every element.

We visually narrated the passage of time: traversing the arch, connecting the significance of the past, the solidity of the present, and propelling towards an unknown future.

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