Cooledge’s new TILE Tunable White 600 x 300 systems provide a single dimmable and tunable system to deliver illumination that can replicate the many benefits of natural light and dynamically set the mood for any interior space.

With TILE Tunable White it is possible to emulate daylight both in scale and through dynamic changes in colour temperature for lighting that adapts to changing needs and delivers an immersive experience.

• Unique tunable white system design provides constant lumen output at all CCTs in the range 2700K-5700K and at all dimming levels

• Dim-to-warm option provides smooth dimming along the CCT curve to 0.05% from 3500K to 2200K

• Incorporates Cooledge’s proprietary “C-Tune” technology that simplifies wiring and significantly increases the affordability of tunable white lighting in comparison with static colour temperature options

• Cooledge Control Modules available for 0-10V, DMX, DALI, or wireless (Casambi) control inputs

• Uniquely suited for installations requiring high CRI such as retail and hospitality

• Cut-to-fit means systems are adaptable to any size installation and can accommodate obstacles and shape

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