TicTok is a modular, fully configurable lighting system that can be used in an infinite number of combinations. Designed for the Circular Economy, it is easily maintainable, upgradeable and more sustainable.

The modular design of the TicTok family allows easy reconfiguration in the future, alongside interchangeable LED modules should an upgrade be required. The range has been developed as the perfect solution for accent lighting in retail, hospitality and high-end residential. It is particularly suited to applications where sustainability is a priority, as the focus of TicTok is on style, function, and eco-friendly design.

The tool-less access to change the LED module ensures ease of on-site maintenance and a focus on repair, not replace. With a high CRI of 98, light quality is guaranteed through the TicTok series.

TicTok enables users to create unique lighting schemes and configurations to suit their exact needs. The TicTok luminaires are available in three different adjustable light head sizes – 45, 58 and 75mm. The versatile aiming angle is tiltable between 0° – 70° and with complete rotation of 360°. A choice of black or white body can also be selected, ensuring TicTok can match or contrast with other design aesthetics.

TicTok is available with Casambi or DALI control options to offer additional controllability benefits.
A full set of optic accessories are available to work as part of the range, including coloured glass diffusers, opal lens and a cross blade louvre.

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