Tia is a collection of pendant lamps that can be used as a single luminaire or in a cluster to suit a variety of settings. Its simple curved form belies the technological complexity that drives this high-performance luminaire. Designed around a specially developed light engine, the engineered design distributes the light evenly through a carefully crafted reflector, creating a glare free and luminous pool of light.

Designed to maximise efficiency, the beam from the downward pointing LED is focused by a lens and reflected in part, by a perforated brass disk into the reflector. The radial pattern on the brass disk was honed over several iterations to find the perfect balance between transmission and reflection of light. The design of the aluminium heat sink maximises surface area and airflow around it, lengthening the lifespan of the LED lamp and making it more sustainable to use.

The simple curved form of the reflector contains a central cylindrical flute that houses the entire light engine, concealing it from view and preserving the geometrical purity of the lamp. The reflector is available in two materials – spun aluminium and blown glass – that offer contrasting industrial and handcrafted aesthetics, both expressing their respective manufacturing processes. Tia is available in three diameters: 600mm, 400mm and a hand-blown opal glass version in 200mm.

Lumina Tia is characterised by four main themes – precision of engineering, quality of materials and a complexity of performance, all contained within its simplicity of form.

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